Sunday, 8 March 2009

"Thou Shalt Not Be Aware"

What I would add to this video is how "Thou Shalt Not Be Aware" not only applies to abuse/mistreatment in families - and not being unconditionally loved by your parents to me equals to child abuse/mistreatment, just as the denial of the truth does - but just as much to a society, that only "loves" (i.e. accepts) you under the condition that you live up to its norms and values. Which, in regard to our modern western civilization, means that you have to be the perfect consumer/producer in order to receive society's unconditional love, its acceptance.

Well, and I'd like to add, that psychiatry of course not only covers over the abuse/mistreatment performed by single private persons, families - while society as a whole would condemn abuse/mistreatment - but indeed covers over the abuse/mistreatment, that pervades society on all levels, and that is the foundation of consumerism: "Thou Shalt Not Be Aware" that modern western civilization's norms and values are thoroughly unnatural, destructive, and abusive, and thus inhumane - causing inhumane suffering, both physically and psychologically. "Thou Shalt Not Be Aware" that it is modern western civilization, who suffers from a chronic imbalance - of power. "Thou Shalt Not Be Aware" that it is perfectly natural and healthy to react "crazy" to "normality", i.e. to the real insanity.

If society truly and honestly were dismissive of oppression, betrayal, fraud, exploitation, abuse, mistreatment, etc., psychiatry as a societal institution would never have been established. Instead people, who'd been exposed to these assaults, would be offered real help, not punishment and additional assault.

Read also Gianna's post on this video.


Monica Cassani said...

mmm...I just posted this too...I expressed some reservation...I hope it's understood, because I love Sean.

Monica Cassani said...

I'm gonna add a link to your commentary too!

Marian said...

Gianna: See my comment on your post. And I added a link to your post, too. :)

Ana said...

I will watch it tomorrow because I will go out now.
I'm amazed by your description.
It look like we are sisters.
Your family description matches mine.
Have a nice day.
I'll be here tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

this is an interesting video. not sure i agree wholly but I appreciate the links to consciousness and the fact that for quite a few years now our generations have struggled to find any sense of spiritual connexion. Of course that seems like a broad generalization (hence only partial agreement) but using my own family trajectory as a guide...when they were communal and had a connection to each other mediated by the land they were much more conscious of interconnectedness and the stories from that time even of incredible hardship featured a deep level of consciousness of connections and importance of forward to the new world and it all falls apart...coincidence?

Ana said...

I visited your Danish version. So beautiful!
I could understand the "petition" and signed.
I believe everybody should sign petitions.
This is a important way to pressure governments.
Still didn't see the video.
Next time.