Sunday, 29 March 2009


Three video clips about the real violence - and some thoughts about delusions.

Something I notice, again and again, is that more often than not it is people, who've experienced the violence close up themselves, who've experienced it in a very concentrated form, who achieve an awareness and an understanding of it, like Derrick Jensen or R.D. Laing for instance have achieved it.

It really seems, that one has to get to a point where it becomes unbearable, before one has the courage to let go of all the delusions and to face reality. And the more I think abut it, the more it seems to me, that working in the mh system actually is the ultimate protection against having to face reality and having to let go of the delusions. Unconsciously as close to enlightenment as one possibly can get without actually achieving it. And at the same time, consciously, light years away from it. The ultimate insanity: normality.


David said...

I think you are spot on. D x

David said...

Sorry tried watching the vids but had to turn the first one off half way - not in the best state at present. Still surviving mind! D x

Marian said...

D: Surviving mind, or surviving the confrontation with reality? It's tough. The first vid is tough. Very personal, tangible. It's easier to distance oneself from abstract ideas. Abstract ideas like "bipolar disorder" or "psychosis" for instance. Becomes a lot more intrusive, too close for comfort, when it's called what it really is.

Take care!

Monica Cassani said...

wow! awesome guy...I need to check out his work...thanks so much for the introduction.

Marian said...

Gianna: Madness Radio has a great interview with Derrick Jensen:, and his website is here:

He's the guy, I think I told you about, who some people have a problem with, because he isn't 100%, completely, purely non-violent. He thinks, it's ok to defend yourself, or those you love, if you, or they, are attacked. Ugh, how nasty! NOT.

Monica Cassani said...

oh yeah, that's ludicrous, like anyone would sit around in the name of non-violence while their kid was being murdered in front of them!!

well, yeah, I'll listen to him on Madness Radio..

Madness Radio is just so totally beyond awesome!!

Monica Cassani said...

listening to Madness Radio now!