Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Traumas, Repressions & Bipolar Disorder

New great video by Sean Blackwell:


David said...

Thanks Marian, interesting. Looking forward to part ii. atb D

ozjthomas said...

Sean is a great guy and I like the way he is making a lot of these concepts relatable. As always, I'm glad to see his stuff being shared.

Marian said...

ozjthomas: You know what really gets me, every time someone makes these concepts relatable, but especially when someone does it in Sean's extremely transparent, clear-cut way, that, if only you have some ability to think logically, you simply can't fail to get? That people still don't get it.

I hear supposedly intelligent people, people with PhDs, MDs, and whatnot, discuss and acknowledge all these concepts, in a theoretical context. But as soon as it comes to what these people regard as "mental cases", all their logic instantly goes down the drain. Time and again I wonder how on earth it is possible. Want to grab them, shake them: "Hey, wake up! Can't you see??"

And then I have to remind myself, that they're cult-members, following the logic of their cult - not common sense logic - that says something like 2 + 2 = 7683029... When it comes to the "mental cases", that is.