Sunday, 1 February 2009

The environmentalist version of Star Wars

As I actually at times are really really sick and tired, and fed up, and you-name-it, with hearing people defend - yep, defend! - psychiatrists and their camp followers, trying to tell me, that those poor bastards really do believe they're helping, that their main interest really would be to help people in crisis, that they really do not know what (huge harm) they're doing, and that, consequently, I would have to be nothing but compassionate and forgiving and whatnot - this video-clip says pretty much exactly how I feel about the issue.


The environmentalist version of Star Wars


David said...

Thanks, that made me laugh a bit.

Ignorance or malice (re psychs) - I assume ignorance personally, and brainwashing by the rationalist paradigm, and pharma, and social heirarchy, etc etc etc.

I'm sure there are a good few malignant one's out there, but I imagine they do *think* they are doing good.

Modern psychiatry is only one and a half steps removed from 30s Germany, so what should we expect?

p.s. reread Hoeg's De Maske Egnede last night - hadn't read it since it came out. Dunno how he's rated at home. I found it a sad and pertinent little tale about the evil of forcing people to grow to rule for the good of society. Would be interested in your thoughts if you've read it.

atb D

Marian said...
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Marian said...

Oops, there I got revealed. My knowledge of Danish literature is extremely limited. What I have read more or less altogether couldn't hold a candle to neither Swedish nor Norwegian literature. So, I haven't read much Danish stuff, and only know Peter Høeg by the film-version of Frk. Smillas fornemmelse for sne, which I thought was rather sinister and claustrophobic, somehow.

Ignorance, yes. But it doesn't excuse them. "Become the change you want to see in the world." (Apropos... :D ) IMO, it is these peoples' goddamn responsibility to, first of all, become aware and conscious of themselves, if they want to help others to achieve the same. Instead, they hide, trembling with fear of themselves, behind a "science" a three year old easily can expose is a fake and a fraud. And as if this was not enough, we are asked to show understanding for them harming us?! - I'm just really so tired of hearing that over and over again. Compassion, understanding and acceptance of their thorough ignorance - yah, maybe. But FORGIVENESS?? No.

Mark p.s.2 said...

This video was very funny at first, but stopped at the pie joke, as rich and powerful people in real life have been pie-ed. Had they been killed the machine would still have merrily gone along.
Killing would not topple the machine.
Killing an individual such as a Hitler is unlikely to stop the group of people behind the leader. The people behind give the leader his/her power.

The thing to do is to get the workers at the bottom of the pyramid of power to collectively quit holding up the pyramid.
At the end of the recent movie V for Vendetta (2005) this illustration was done, police and guards were shocked in the movie at the mass public defiance, but you'ld think the police would notice the publics feelings as the police have families.

Marian said...

I partly agree. But if I found myself in a situation, facing violence, assault, abuse, whatever, and I had a chance to successfully fight it, I can't guarantee, that I would remain 100% non-violent myself, just letting it happen.

It depends on, how you define non-violence. What Derrick Jensen takes on here, is "fundamentalist pacifism".