Thursday, 17 June 2010

PTSD-"expert" Doug Bremner can't see PTSD when it's staring him right into his face

"Later" - yeah well, one and a half months later I just want to add to my post about Alice Miller's death that I was appalled by most of the press reactions. One of the few obituaries to pay Alice Miller the respect she deserves is Sue Cowan Jenssen's. Read it here. (Via Beyond Meds.)

Talking about Alice Miller, I today did some more clearing up in my sidebar, as well as on Facebook and on Twitter. Life is simply too short to surround yourself with abusers, who, although they allegedly are "experts" on PTSD, can't recognize it when its staring them right into their face, who don't have anything else to offer victims of abuse than drugs, drugs, and even more drugs, to shut these victims up, so that they, the abusers, don't need to listen to them, but undisturbed may continue with their abuser business, for instance that of labelling people with "schizophrenia", who happily join in on the omnipresent demonization of "the schizophrenics", those lesser-than-humans, and on the just as omnipresent fear mongering that wants everybody to believe that going off the neuro-toxins that are called "medicine" immediately will turn you into a pickaxe killer.

And all this while what they demand and expect for themselves is pure compassion and understanding for the traumatized four and a half-year-old, who lost his mother, and therefor suffers from PTSD. - Are you sure Doug, that your problems were caused by trauma? That you're not a little brain diseased, genetically defective, a little lesser-than-human yourself?? I mean, compared to the abuse most of the people you fancy to label "schizophrenics" have experienced, the death of your mother is a mere trifle, and if what these people have gone through can't be recognized and acknowledged as deeply traumatizing, which is what I understand you believe, then how come you think, you can demand compassion and understanding for such an, in comparison, insignificant event as your mother's death to have caused you the least emotional suffering?!

Well, I'm done with this kind of unscientific, prejudiced and discriminating crap. Have a nice life, Doug! Oh, and don't read this! It might shake your belief system. (Although, can anything at all shake a sectarian belief system like the Inquisition's - er, I mean like biological psychiatry's? Hardly I guess.)

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Doug Bremner said...

And what "trauma" did Mark Becker suffer from? Do you think that all mothers of people diagnosed with schizophrenia should acknowledge that their children were traumatized? That would be a return of the theory of the schizophrenogenic mother. I acknowledge that trauma can lead to DID and psychotic disorders, but I really don't believe that this is relevant to this particular case. You have to give some credence to my professional training in the field of psychiatry on which I base my views.

Rossa Forbes said...

Hello, Doug,
Well, I'm a schizophrenogenic mother of a son diagnosed as "schizophrenic" and I believe that yes, all mothers/fathers of children given that diagnosis should be willing to go down the path of linking trauma to result. Trauma, I have discovered, when it comes to schizophrenia is not necessarily the in-your-face kind. It is often subtle and really boils down to inherited family trauma. People with a mental health diagnosis are usually the ones who bring it to the family's attention. Pharma and its willing handmaidens (doctors and academic researchers) handed families an easy "out" when they convinced people to believe in the damaged brain model. It's a lot easier to blame it on bad brains or a genetic defect (neither of which are proven) than to say, maybe I should look into the environment that produced the reaction of schizophrenia. I am convincecd that many more people would heal if they were encouraged to investigate the family trauma link. There is no shame in it. There are some great therapies at there that my son, my husband and I have done, that have really helped heal the psychic wounds. Sadly, the people who can be helped are not being helped by people (relatives) too afraid to look within themselves for answers. This is psychiatry's shame. There's more money to be made in drugs than empathy. I am not familiar with the case under discussion other than what I read in your blog post, but these drugs that are supposedly so helpful, are simply stun gun devices. The public has been duped into believing that all someone has to do is take their meds and all will be well. When you speak of Geodon taking 1 to 3 days to take effect, I presume the effect means to incapacitate the person so he is too stunned to even know what a gun looks like. That's fine for the short run, but what about the long run? Where's the help there? Long run help is multidisciplenary and involves taking a serious look at the possible reasons for the psychosis. I am fresh back from a session with my husband and our contractual psychiatrist that explored in a profound way the family history (on both sides) and its tragedies that impact the present generation. This is hardly revolutionary stuff, but to engage in it you have to be willing to not hide behind thinking your relative is a brain damaged psycho who somehow fell to earth from Mars and landed in your family. That's the story pharma would like you to believe.

Marian said...

Doug: I have yet to meet the "schizophrenic" person, who was NOT traumatized (and I've met quite a few people who were labelled with "sz"). But of course, my concept of what "trauma" is is a rather broad one. It doesn't end with obvious physical/sexual abuse - or losing one's mother for that sake.

Mothers should acknowledge trauma just as everybody else. Actually, I think it even more important that professionals acknowledge it. Does a belief in trauma to not be relevant in one or the other case really justify that a human being is called a "psychotic killer", "insane", and whatnot of that kind, that he is drugged up over his eyeballs with substances which you for one should know are extremely toxic, and actually not particularly effective other than in reducing life energy in general (so much for the "antipsychotic"-bs), and that he is denied any kind of what would be true help for him, that he is treated with nothing but disdain? Even if there was 100% certainty that trauma is not relevant, Mark Becker would deserve to be treated with more respect and compassion than that, the human being he is.

Exactly how much time have you spent, listening non-judgementally to Mark Becker, before you came to the conclusion, that trauma isn't relevant in his case? I can tell you: none. Because, you know what? It is exactly your professional training as a shrink that keeps you from being able to listen non-judgementally to anyone. It does so, because you.are.not.aware.of that it does. Or you wouldn't ask me to give credence to this training that has, literally, hypnotized you and the vast majority of your colleagues with its "teddy bears". To an extent, that has you suffer from the very same symptoms, you accuse your "patients" to suffer from: inability to understand symbolism, for instance. You know what that's called? Projection. Usually finding its expression in scapegoating. Psychiatry is the art of throwing people who are about to become aware of society's hypnotizing "teddy bears" ("We only do this for your own good!"), and to wake up from the hypnotization we all, each and every one of us, have experienced/experience, not only back into it, but into a state of a deep, almost comatose, sleep, a state of deadness, from which it is even harder, if not impossible, to wake up. That is the only credence, I think, I will have to give your professional training.

If you really want to help people, you wake up from being hypnotized yourself, and realize that the concept of "insanity", of meaningless madness, if it is defined as a product of a diseased brain, or of individual, personal development gone awry (Freud), is a delusion, fabricated by the perpetrators of abuse, exploitation and violence to cover up, justify, respectively deny the perpetrated abuse, exploitation and violence, making the perpetrators appear as innocent helpers, as "teddy bears". That is what makes our society a profoundly schizophrenogenic one. And as long as you remain hypnotized yourself, you're one of them, one of the schizophrenogenic perpetrators. Wake up, Doug!!!

One more thing: There is no such thing as "meaningless" in life. Think about it.

Marian said...

Rossa: You're not a schizophrenogenic mother. You once probably were, just as every human being is schizophrenogenic to the extent they are victim to the collective mass-hypnotization, and unaware of it. You're not anymore though.

And (this time it's my turn :) ) you say it better than I do. Thanks!

Doug Bremner said...

All I can say, Marian, is that you taking cheap shots at my mother and my grief for her is dehumanizing. If you don't like to hear what I have to say, don't read my blog.

Marian said...

Doug: I'm not a sec in doubt that you would have dehumanized me with a label of "sz", as you are dehumanizing Mark Becker and everybody else, you throw this label at.

If you haven't noticed, I'm not following your blog nor your twits anymore, your blog is off of my blog list, I blocked you on Twitter, and I defriended you on Facebook. All that's left for me to do, is to unsub from getting emails about more discriminating and dehumanizing posts about "the schizophrenics", these lesser-than-humans, as I didn't realize my subscription still was active before earlier today. - And as there seems to be no clickable link to unsub, I hereby kindly ask you to take me off of your email list. Also, I would prefer to have the link to my blog removed from the sidebar of yours, if you haven't done that yet. I don't necessarily want to be brought into connection with the kind of cheap shots at "the schizophrenics" you fire. Thank you very much, and sweet dreams!

Marian said...

To everybody else: I take it from Doug Bremner's reaction, that, no, he didn't spend any time listening to Mark Becker. All he ever listened to was his professional training, so all he has to found his judgement on is belief, not knowledge, not certainty, 100% or other: psychiatry in a nutshell. Nothing but a belief system.