Saturday, 31 October 2009

A little Saturday fun

...and two more pieces of good advice for the person who inspired this post: 1. The comment field of a blog isn't the best place to have private conversations. Maybe you should consider e-mail instead. 2. Since you seem to have such great difficulty understanding English, consider another language!

Hope, I expressed myself clear enough this time, and won't get misunderstood, again again.


Terry K. said...

Hello Marian- I hope it is not me that inspired this post. But I do have a related question: There are a number of subjects I'd like to ask for your opinion about, after I finish checking the related literature. Would you rather I ask some of those neurology/ neuro-psychiatry questions via e-mail than using the comment section of this blog?
Terry K.

Marian said...

Hi Terry,

no, certainly it wasn't you! :) You can e-mail me at marian(dot)bgst(at)gmail(dot)com

Terry K. said...

Thanks Marian! I'll send you an e-mail as soon as I get my thoughts together. :)

Terry K.