Friday, 30 April 2010

Alice Miller 1923 - 2010

Just in case you haven't heard it yet: Alice Miller died on April 14th at her home in Provence, France, 87 years old. For now, I want to quote from a Swedish blog: "Thank you Alice Miller for all you have done and everything you have written!" More later.

Via Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia


Unknown said...

I agree with this video and would like to add that the idea of neuroplasticity offers those willing to do the hard work of facing those buried emotions can find freedom from the rage that has moved them from victim to perpetrator...I followed you on twitter.

Thank you for introducing yourself.


Duane Sherry said...


I read your comments on Ron Unger's blog, and responded...

I agree with what you had to say, and think you're right on target, Marian... in terms of fear, and how conventional psychiatry only exacerbates them, with "treatment".

I hope you're doing well... I hope your horse is doing well, too... Went to my dad's last night to see him, he had a friend over who is a horseman, trainer of cutting horses... has a gift with dogs and horses both, kinda a 'whisperer' type man... amazing guy!