Sunday, 11 April 2010

"Are you riding yet, or are you still rolling?"

I found this at Wu Wei Verlag's website, a German publisher specializing in, among other things, publications critical of our culture's increasing violence and abusiveness in the field of equitation, which especially the "Rollkur" *) - which means forcing the horse to bend his neck to a point where his nose almost touches his chest, an unnatural position and extremely damaging especially to the horse's upper vertebrae (though in a broader sense damaging to his entire body and soul) - is an expression of.

The text says: "Are you riding yet, or are you still rolling?" It reminded me of what one of my trainers used to say, that the motto of dressage competitions should be "Look what I'm NOT able of!"

Any parallels to the mh system? Well, if you ask me, the whole mh system is an expression of what its professionals are NOT able of, and one could ask them: "Are you helping people yet, or are you still oppressing them?"

Via Camera-Obscura

*)The English term is hyperflexion.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm glad I visited your site. How interesting your blog is! MH, horses and then a link to learn about narcissist. Wow. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for the thoughtful comment you left me on Aaron's site. I appreciate that. My son is doing pretty well. Listening to him that day was really what he needed. And he needed someone besides me. Sometimes I think if I had more people around that both of us would be healthy in many different ways.
Have a good day. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences too.

Marian said...

dogkisses: Thanks for your comment. You have no idea how glad I am to hear that your son is doing better!! And yes, it definitely helps to get other people's perspective on things. Especially when they can contribute with an "outside" perspective, and aren't part of the family dynamics, entangled in them, themselves.

Narcissists... well, I actually feel a bit bad about it sometimes, labelling people... Somehow I think we're all narcissists in as far as we all have an ego that gets in control, every now and then, time and again. The only difference is probably whether someone is aware of it, or not. It's not the person, the human being who's the problem, but the ego.

I saw that you have a post about it on your blog, but haven't reached to read it yet, because I got caught by Candy... ;) What a beautiful horse!

Anonymous said...

Well, I left you a fine comment but it is gone. Google said sorry. And now I must stop typing.
Mostly, I wanted to say hi and thank you so much for your reply.
Hope you're having a nice evening.