Tuesday, 2 June 2009


This comment at Ron Unger's blog made me think of a quote by the Swedish politician and mystic Dag Hammarskjöld:

The more faithfully you listen to the voices within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside. And only she who listens can speak.


David said...

That's an interesting discussion.

As far as voices go, and I get them in various ways, which since I started getting them I started writing, so I have a safety valve for them... but the main point: it's not the hearing them that is the problem - it's the obeying them. I learn from them. And shake like a dog when I've had enough of hearing them. "Back in your boxes, boys!"

Take care, Dx

Pia Qu said...

Sorry to say that it isn't "the voices" but "the voice" he speaks about.
I understand it as the voice, from deep inside your originally self, the true "you", - for me also my line from my soul to "God", which I prefer to call "All"; that's how it becomes the ability to listen to everybody else, - to the "world"..
Sorry for all " (Goose-eyes?), but I need to use words I'm not use to use when I speak about this issue.

Marian said...

D: "...it's not the hearing them that is the problem - it's the obeying them." Yes. Like everything else in life, it's failing to really accept what is - which would put you in control of whatever is. Or more like in control of its effect on you.

I can't help it, but when I read Sarah's comment at Ron's blog it seems to me, that she failed to genuinely accept her voices, that she failed to acknowledge the - symbolic - truth in what they told her. And, yes, then there is nothing to be "proud" of. Then there is only an enemy: you.

Marian said...

Pia: Yes. But I don't think, it's a contradiction. :)

ozjthomas said...

Thank you.