Sunday, 20 April 2008

Simple and clear cut

"Outsideren - looking at the mental health system from the inside" -Outsideren's motto

"As long as both sides deny to go beyond their own safe language, where which you believe in is well-established, alternatives won't come into being." -Outsideren about the ECT-debate (and about the psychiatry-debate in general)

"Risks are part of the territory; if you don't take chances nothing ever happens." -Loren Mosher

Put the two first quotes in connection with each other, and see Outsideren's flaw appear - simply and clear cut. The very same flaw, that characterizes the mental illness system, which Outsideren, in it's own words, looks at from the inside, i.e. from the point of it's own safe language, where which it believes in is well-established - by a system, that indeed has "the same kind of problems that its clients do" have, and whose actions manifest the very same safety behavior its clients, for safety reasons kept prisoners of their unconscious minds, are expected to manifest.

Achieving the freedom of thought and conscious language necessary to imagine alternatives from this prison of unconsciousness would presuppose Outsideren to take the risk of having a look at the mental health system from somewhere else than the inside of this prison.

Still not simple and clear cut enough? Then, compare Outsiderens above quoted motto to Madness Radio's intro: "...voices and visions from outside mental health...".

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