Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Gaderummet and Jan Ole Jørgensen

Since Kalle, in the wake of and in regard to Jan Ole Jørgensen's massive harassment at both official places and private persons' blogs and e-mail inboxes, has decided to go public with the reason for Jan Ole's behavior, I want to share it here too, for everyone, who doesn't understand Danish and thus isn't able to get the information directly from Gaderummet's site.

In short: Back in 1995 Jan Ole Jørgensen applied for a position as a counsellor at the counselling facility "Regnbuen" (Rainbow), predecessor of Gaderummet. His application was rejected by Kalle, who assessed him unsuitable for the job (indeed Jan Ole had no qualifications). Ever since Jan Ole has tried to get at Kalle.

As I suspected: Personal reasons.

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