Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Gaderummet - petition

Below a translation of Gaderummet's petition. Sign and help save Gaderummet!

Gaderummet has been open 24/7 for more than 12 years, during which many homeless and marginalized young people with problems of both social and psychological character have been welcomed and helped. At Gaderummet you're not forced to receive psychiatric help. You're free to choose your own way and method to get in control of your life again, with professional and humane assistance. And this approach has been successful!

Now the local authorities of Copenhagen are closing down this unique facility, this appreciated and awarded project, on the basis of accusations about a lack of co-operation with the mental health system.

Support Gaderummet and sign this petition against the closing-down - at the same time you vote for:

Freedom to choose treatment with or without medicine!
Freedom to choose your own mental health supplier!
And last but not least - the possibility to choose!

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