Sunday, 13 July 2008

Slow scripts and Safari

As mentioned in a previous post, I've had trouble with an extremely slowed down Safari for a while. Especially e-mailing, but actually the whole business of surfing the net, commenting on blogs, and posting entries on my own, turned increasingly into a trial, and more and more often a message popped up "A slow script at (URL of the site I was at) is making Safari unresponsive. Do you want to stop running the script?" No matter what I chose, nothing happened. Yesterday, I thought, I'd solved the problem, since Safari speeded a bit up after I'd deleted some recent downloads. But no, no such luck. Safari slowed down again.

Eventually (after days and days of suffering...), I had the bright idea to google "slow script Safari" (which took what seemed like hours...), and found the, in hindsight, quite obvious advice to check for software updates for Safari. Bingo! So, Safari got updated, and is now faster than ever.

Just in case you face the same problem at some point, happen to be just as it-naive as I am, and can't figure out what to do about it (both the it-naivety and the problem itself...).

Since I see, that this post gets quite a number of hits from "slow script safari"-searches, here's an update to the post: Recently (January '09), I again ran into trouble with Safari running a slow script. There was no software update for Safari this time, but there were a couple of other software updates, waiting to get downloaded and installed - iTunes and another one which I don't remember. I downloaded and installed, and it solved the problem with Safari. Don't ask me how, why, or whatever. I've got no clue.


Monica Cassani said...

sounds like you found your solution, but for future reference a slow browser can sometimes be sped up by emptying the cache as well.

glad you're speeding along again!

Anonymous said...

had slow script problem. clearing cache didn't work. am installing all updates now and hopefully that will work... thank you for hte insight :)