Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Save Gaderummet

Go here and see how you can help save Gaderummet!

Here you can sign Gaderummets own petition (I'll post a translation later today).

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Anonymous said...

At this time there´s 443 signatures..
Hope you all have giving it a thought that this place is free of chemical drugs etc., untill now, and ruled by the people who lives there and not the pschyciatri, - untill now..
Please, support Gaderummet and let them know by signing!
The leader and all of the users are suffering from the falsh accusations by an pschyciatrist about not cooperating..
9 months now, - the last more than 3 months without heating and hot water, - only one meal per day..
Peace and love
Pia Qu Hyrland