Saturday, 9 February 2008

Democracy - Danish

"Gaderummet" (a space in the street) is a community at Copenhagen, providing psychosocial help for young homeless people with existential problems who don't want the "help" of the system. The award-winning facility had been funded by the government, but the funding was withdrawn in May 2007 because the management of "Gaderummet" didn't want to "conform to the mental health system". Since May 2007 the staff and the users of "Gaderummet" have been struggling to keep the facility running in spite of a fundamental lack of money. The day before yesterday they succeeded only just to scrape up 25.000 Dkr to pay the electricity bill, that became due the same day.

The government considers now to summons "Gaderummet" in order to give notice to the lease, and by this means to get rid of "Gaderummet".

In a TV-news item on Thursday it is stated, that the government is willing to give the young people another place to be, instead of "Gaderummet". A place where, among other things, mental health staff has easy access, since, as a Danish politician is quoted, "some of the young people at 'Gaderummet' need medical treatment", which is exactly what many users of "Gaderummet" chose to do without, since they didn't experience psych drugs as helpful to them. Don't the politicians think, that those who WANT medical treatment will seek it themselves?? Personally, I know several young people who bought into the neurotransmitter-hoax, and, with pleasure, leave it to psychiatry to destroy their brains and lives. But sure, we need to get them ALL! EVERYone needs to toe the line! (Hey there, you missed ME! :) )

This is the Danish version of democracy. It can't tolerate ANYONE living a self-determined life, making their own choices, choosing to do without the system's dogmas and indoctrination. It can't tolerate people who think themselves, independently. Designer society's version of "democracy". Emotional and intellectual engineering. Brave New World or Big Brother???

This is the Danish version of democracy. Forcing people with existential problems to have them "solved" (if only the mental ILLNESS system was able to solve anything!) the only way accepted by the AUTHORITIES: the psychiatric way, using mind-altering drugs (in a psychiatric setting called "medicine", otherwise called "street drugs", note the hypocrisy!).

Obviously the Danish version of democracy doesn't rest before we all have been turned into "lonely robots".

Support "Gaderummet": Arbejdernes Landsbank reg.5361,account no.0415718, or: Danske Bank reg.0274, account no.0766399.

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