Friday, 15 February 2008

Pia's initiative

The petition for Gaderummet is an initiative of Pia Qu. Pia has nothing to do with Gaderummet other than that she's known the facility and its residents for quite a while. She's neither part of the staff nor user at Gaderummet, and has never been. Just as little as I.

I think, this is quite important, because it shows, that it's not only people who have the status of a resident, who involve themselves in the project, and support it.

Gaderummet stands for freedom of choice, for personal freedom, for the right to diversity and self-determination. Far beyond the limits of psychiatry/pedagogy. This matter is of everybody's concern. Tomorrow it may be you, who is exposed to the system's assault on your right to self-determination.

Personally, I've always believed myself secure from this kind of assault. I do live in a democratic country, that fully respects my human rights, not in one or the other totalitarian state, don't I? I got wiser...

"If you have a mind, you can lose it", Edward Podvoll says, concerning emotional crises. This is true for every aspect of life: what you have, you can lose. Also your personal freedom. Also in Denmark. One tiny slip, that breaks with society's unwritten laws for which is regarded acceptable, can be enough. There's not much room in the Danish streets. And it's becoming more and more narrow.

Pia has a blog here (Danish).

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