Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Recovery and community mental health care

Morgan W. Brown has recorded two videos about mental health care in Vermont/USA, and posted them on his Beyond Vermont State Hospital (VSH) blog:

"Don't send me to Waterbury" Report, a roundtable including Michael Hartman, Ann Donahue, James Leddy and Albert Galves, discussing recovery-orientated community care vs. hospitalization.

The Future of Mental Health Care in Vermont, a discussion about recovery, psychiatric medication, and alternatives in the community, with the participation of Mary Ellen Gottlieb, Albert Galves, Xenia Williams and Bill Newhall.

I found both videos highly interesting, although I live far from Vermont. The issues are global.

Watch the videos on Morgan's blog, or at Google Video (links at Morgan's blog).

Thanks to Morgan for the notification!

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Morgan W. Brown said...

Appreciate the post, links and mention(s) Marian. Thank you.