Tuesday, 5 February 2008

"Monika and Filur"...

...is the title of a really beautiful video on YouTube, showing a student of Bent Branderup, Monika, riding his Knabstrup-stallion Filur in an outstanding way. A horse and a rider found each other. Enjoy!

I took the above picture in December 2003, while I was a trainee of Bent. It shows Filur doing the compliment in front of a dogcart. My co-trainee, Kristina, wasn't quite happy about having to join Bent for the ride this particular day, so I could take pictures. Was she afraid, that Filur might try to do the capriole as well??? ;)

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Amazing video, love the horse and rider, a beautiful combination. It looks as if his blindness doesn't hinder his enjoyment of getting out with a rider.Thank you for your comment on my blog, without it I would not have seen this video.