Thursday, 19 June 2008

Interesting comment on Jill Bolte Taylor's TED-talk

While almost everyone in the blogosphere seems to be more or less ecstatic about Jill Bolte Taylor's spell-binding eloquence, there actually are a few people out there, who don't go into raptures over it, and thus are able to do a truly interesting analysis of her TED-talk. One of them can be read here.

BTW: Spending some more time at Chauncey's blog - which I find quite fascinating reading, although, or maybe just because, it plays out on a slightly different (philosophical/existential) background than mine - I came across another noteworthy entry, developing further the rather problematic because oversimplifying procedure of "compumorphizing" human beings (or: being human), that our culture in general, and Jill Bolte Taylor not least, often uncritically, resort to employ in their attempt to explain the fundamental nature, the essence of being (human). Check it out!

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Chauncey Bell said...

Thank you for your kind remarks about the things I have been saying in my blog. To comment at the same level that you have commented on my reflections, I fully and wholeheartedly agree with your conclusion that (this is in my language, but I think it will resonate with you) diagnostic traditions that are founded on pathologies rather than upon holistic and rich interpretations of the human being always produce problematic results. Nevertheless, in this "modern" world, the vast majority of our diagnostic backgrounds are in fact built from interpretations about pathologies. I encourage you in your work.