Monday, 7 April 2008

My apologies!

I see, that I owe Scientology an apology: In a couple of previous posts I've accused Scientology of brain washing, which isn't valid. "There is no brain washing going on at Scientology,..." sociologist and Scientology-expert Peter B.Andersen says here, and I take it that he knows what he's talking about. Better than me. So, Scientology actually is leading by 3 to 0, in regard to psychiatry: No brain damaging "treatment" nor coercion, and no brain washing, neither. And, as mentioned end to end with psychiatrist Per Vendborg's attack on me in the wake of my keynote speech at the "Bedre vilkår"-pre-hearing (I'll post it here too, as soon as possible), when it comes to Scientology's criticism of psychiatry, it is based on very well-researched facts, and if anyone thinks, it can be declared null and void: Nothing doing! So saying, my apologies to Scientology!


Anonymous said...

Hypnosis. That is a well documented thing. Brain Washing is about as Sci-fi as Scientology itself. Check out youtube, there is a nice expo report from Israel, they hypnotized an undercover reporter no more than a week ago.

Marian said...

Can't find it. Do you have a link, the title, anything?