Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Comment on About Mayor Warming's Position Toward Facts

Concerning the comment on Kalle Birck Madsen's answer to Mayor Warming by Jan Ole Jørgensen:

I recently rejected a similar though more detailed comment by Jan Ole Jørgensen at my Danish blog. Because it isn't difficult to find his very same comment on the Gaderummet-affair plenty of other places on the net. There isn't a blog nor discussion forum or newspaper article where you can comment, where he doesn't. No need to have it on my Danish blog, too.

Well, nevertheless, since most of you, who read this, probably don't speak (read) Danish, and thus haven't seen his comment, I decided to publish it here on my English blog, just FYI. And, Jan Ole, once, only once!, I will publish a comment by you on one of my blogs.

Before I started to engage in Gaderummet, I had a close look at both critical and favourable voices. Of course, there are a few critical voices. Jan Ole's is by far the loudest and most persistent one of them. However, I haven't been able to find any support of his accusations against Kalle anywhere.

My strong impression is, that Jan Ole's accusations are based on personal differences between him and Kalle, which are of no importance concerning Gaderummet or Kalle's professional competence. Otherwise, neither the heavy support of Gaderummet and Kalle, nor the fact, that the authorities don't make use of any of the accusations put forward by Jan Ole, is understandable.

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