Sunday, 15 March 2009

Update to "The murder of Torben Martin Bødker, a Bosnia-veteran"

Two things I want to add to my post on the murder of Torben Martin Bødker:

1. It was a known fact, that Torben Martin Bødker was afraid of uniforms. Wtf did those two cops, who went to get him, think of??? "Let's go scare the shit out of that nut-case"??? I have no words but: "Jail time!".

2. Just to make it very, very clear: I don't in any way suggest, that what we need would be more hospital beds, more shrinks, more psychiatry, more system. On the contrary. What we need is to get a system, that never has been anything else but profoundly broken, replaced by 100% voluntary, 100% non-coercive, alternatives, that people can turn to and feel safe that no one there ever is going to label, force-treat, or in any other way assault them.

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