Monday, 12 January 2009

A song for Gaza

Michael Heart - We Will Not Go Down (Song For Gaza)

Thanks to Gianna for drawing attention to this video.


susan said...

Msrian, for reasons I will not discuss this whole thing is killing me inside.

I don't know whyu people fight in the first place. It's so heart breaking.

The video btw, is gone.....

Take care sweetie.

susan said...

ah video came up. for some reason your page didn't load rigbt.

No worries.

Gianna said...

that video started a nice fight on my facebook page..which I imagine you witnessed...unfortunately the person fighting is someone I greatly admire otherwise..

I hope he doesn't hate me, but I won't be silent on this issue...though I do keep it off my blog...

peace to you.

Marian said...

Susan: I don't get it either. Heart breaking is what it is, yes.

Gianna: It's for the same reasons, that I haven't posted anything, neither here nor on my Danish blog, on Gaza before. Certainly, Hamas isn't innocent either.

A couple of days ago, I ended up discussing this on Harning's blog, because the "they- and us"-thing came up there: "We can hate without murdering each other. Why can't these people?" I guess, you can easily figure, that I bridled at such a statement... We aren't innocent either. But the kids who get murdered are.