Wednesday, 28 January 2009

MFI Ray Update: "Miracle": Today's Forced Shock Postponed 1/28/09

Latest news on Ray's forced electroshock from MindFreedom:

"In the past, Ray has complained about various physical ailments that
he felt should cancel his electroshock. "They would just bring me
into Dr. Coelho's office, and he would say I could have the
electroshock anyway."

This time Ray brought up the fact that about two weeks ago he had
been brought to Regency Hospital by ambulance because of physical
complaints. Lab tests said his ammonia levels were too high, and he
brought this up today.

This time, Ray's electroshock was called off."

Well, he probably will be rescheduled for another shock on February 4th or 11th. So, protest!

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