Monday, 10 December 2007

Them - and us

This post is NOT so much about Morten as the person he is, as it is about something quite different and general.

The Outsideren (the users-magazine I do some writing for) has taken on a new journalist: Morten. Morten is an "old" 68er (a participant in the student-revolte of 1968) - yep, exactly, THAT kind - he's been writing for Information (a Danish intellectual, left-wing and slightly élitist newspaper) for several years and has been working at DR (Danmarks Radio, the only state-owned radio- and TV-station in Denmark), at P1's (a DR-channel, about just as sophisticated as Information) documentary-section. In between, something else needed to happen. Morten needed to act out his 68-ambitions in a more politically correct way than journalism would allow him to do: He chose to work at a shelter for three years. With homeless people, junkies, alcoholics and, yah, "schizophrenics", as he chose to express himself.

There went the political correctness - and my mind went blank. Completely. Guess, I just had one of my "oversensitive" days.

Yah, nah... I think, Morten is a quite all right character. Really. Apart from this "the schizophrenics"-thing, and apart from him being an "old" 68er, of THAT kind...


Sorry, Morten! I know, I'm a menace, and that you didn't mean it that way. I just need to ACT OUT my straightforwardness, after it had been locked away for a good 40 years. Well, and today it was your turn to become a victim of my straightforwardness.

By the way, the two last tags for this post are meant both ways: "old" 68er, THAT kind...

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