Thursday, 6 December 2007

Paranoid campaigning?

"This is a smear campaign against psychiatry! You're campaigning against psychiatry!" someone said after visiting my blog. The person is absolutely right. In a way. Although, as I see it, I just give my view of this institution based on the facts I learned about it. That my view is not exactly a positive one, well, that's inextricably bound up with the facts I learned about psychiatry. Admittedly, sometimes I get slightly sarcastic. My way of airing the rage which still overwhelms me once in a while when I see myself confronted with yet another atrocity, downright lie and/or violation of people's human rights. Being not as diplomatic as I maybe ought to be. I'll try to improve, doing a lot more Zazen.

The same person also called me "paranoid". I have two comments on that one:

1. "Paranoia is just knowing all the facts." William S. Burroughs. Seen in this way, I'll have to thank the person for the compliment! Indeed, it took a great deal of time, energy and nerves to do the research. Nerves, yep. Since it isn't always that easy to, for example, listen to people tell about their experiences with and inside this institution. Not at all when you're pretty much aware of that it might as well have been you yourself, having been exposed to that kind of experiences, and when you're just as aware of that things like that happen everywhere in this world, uncountable times every single day, without anyone who'd have the authority to stop it finding it necessary to do anything. Not easy to put up with.

2. listen to this.

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