Thursday, 10 September 2009

Who needs shrinks?

From The Last Psychiatrist's blog: "However, most of these 'patients' do not need these medications, most do not need psychiatry at all.  Of course many do, they are truly sick and but for psychiatry their lives would be chaos."

I'd say, the only reason why the lives of those "many" and "truly sick" people he obviously refers to here, and of whom I'd have been one myself, aren't chaos is that psychiatry has, successfully, destroyed these lives. Not perhaps because it has helped the people sort things out.

But well, he's a psychiatrist, right? And he's no Loren Mosher...

BTW: Last time I was "truly sick" was in 1999, when I'd caught the flu.


Mark p.s.2 said...

I do agree.
Psychiatry brainwashes fear and disease into peoples souls from its power.

marlborojones said...

The Last Psychiatrist s right. Psychiatrists are always trying to do the up-sell. Take this, this and this and you will feel better, better and better. For their patients, it simply becomes a revolving door. For them, a source of profits and prestige.

I like how the email question came from Romania. The questioner acted as though they didn't have many psychiatrists over there. But who can forget this lovely specimen of Balkan psychiatry?

Marian said...

marlborojones: psychiatry and politics... Most people don't see the link. Maybe because it's so difficult to see the wood for the trees?

Of course The Last Psychiatrist is right. It just pisses me off how they always have to try and save their "honor" by the bell: "Psychiatry is a fraud. Uhm, wait a minute, except for when it comes to the truly sick people, that is." And who decides who's "truly sick", and who's not? Psychiatry, of course. Our Last Psychiatrist (I wish he were!) among others. On the basis of his (political) scheme of things. Hypocrites!

BTW: Don't be surprised to find yourself quoted around here. I just realized that the comment, I plan to give some attention in my next post, is from you.

Rossa Forbes said...

Extract below from The Last Psychiatrist, a blog I stopped reading because I felt he/she was more about ego/billing than the patient.
The extract fits in very well with my blog on "A new kind of stigma," where researchers exclude the mentally ill from their studies, as if they are somehow a special case. Does this psychiatrist even understand the so-called mentally ill?

"The short answer to your question is: yes, there are many such patients here in the U.S. However, most of these "patients" do not need these medications, most do not need psychiatry at all. Of course many do, they are truly sick and but for psychaitry their lives would be chaos. But the majority do not."

Marian said...

Rossa: ...or even a "slightly different race", as Jeannette De Wyze quotes Loren Mosher in her article about him. And as we all know, efforts to find a fundamental genetic difference between "us and them" were never really abandoned. I had a chat with someone recently who called Thomas Werge, the man behind this research, "the new eugenicist". Indeed, the legacy is very much alive.

Does The Last Psychiatrist understand the "mentally ill"? As I see it, the pathologizing terminology his profession, he himself included, makes use of serves exactly this one purpose: to avoid true understanding. So, no, he doesn't.

I'll have to clear up my blog roll, I think.