Sunday, 25 November 2007

Who's Marian?

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Gianna said...

I just found this...beautiful...glad to know more about you!!

love to you!

Mary Maddock said...

Hi Marian,

You have an amazing blog just like yourself. I am glad you were not a victim of the psychiatric system. I believe it is because you went through your whatever!! that you have so much deep insight now. I am glad I got to know you even if it is not in person.....Maybe someday!!

Thanks for being you.

Love and friendship from Ireland,


Marian said...

Thanks Gianna and Mary! Yah, I escaped, if only just. Which neither I escaped was being called a "patient" and "ill" (although I protested time and again), and being asked again and again (more like forced actually), until I finally managed to do it, to give expression to the "insight" that the problem I was dealing with was some pretty much schizophrenia-like psychosis. Something, that hurt even more than having to confront all those traumatic events from the dim and distant past. Indeed, it felt exactly like having to deny myself one more time. And it was happening right here and now, wasn't a thing of the dim and distant past. - Geez, how I sometimes wish, the person in question would read this, and get it! Well well, "Forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing", as it says.

susan said...


You are a very strong woman, and it's nice to know more about you.

People like you and Gianna give me hope when I struggle and have those dark nights in the soul, and question why these meds which were supposed to help me have made me so ill, almost killed me this year, and why it's so hard to be in the process of weaning myself off them..

Take care and keep blogging.